About the Team

Siteman/Pure is a Conference USSSA team based out of St. Louis, Missouri and features players from Missouri, Illinois, Arkansas, Kentucky, Arizona, Iowa, South Carolina and Kansas.

Focusing on USSSA Conference events, Siteman plays a full schedule from March to October throughout the United States against the best competition the slow pitch softball world has to offer.

The latest Siteman roster can be found on the USSSA website.

Photo from The John Kings Smoke Show (Kansas City, Missouri)

Besides softball, Siteman focuses on helping the community through a unique fundraising effort at major tournaments: The Siteman “Bigger Than Softball” Charity Challenge.

Be sure to check out The Siteman Softball Podcast.

For livestreams and to follow the team, make sure to join the Siteman Slow Pitch Softball Nation group on Facebook.

You can also connect directly with Siteman Softball owner David Siteman Garland on Facebook and/or Instagram.