Siteman “Bigger Than Softball” Charity Challenge

The Siteman “Bigger Than Softball” Charity Challenge was established to give back to charities, non-profits and causes that really need every dollar (and we know it goes directly to helping people!). Siteman Softball raises money in a variety of ways and since 2021 has raised over $12,000.

You can help by adding dollars to our run total, making your own donation or if you are playing in the tournament raise money for each run your team scores (amount is up to you as every dollar counts). The best way to support the challenge in 2023 is to purchase a Siteman Pure #CancerAwareness bat with a % of proceeds going directly to the Siteman Cancer Center.

Causes Supported:

Siteman Cancer Center Development Fund For Innovative Cancer Research

$2,193 of toys and games for kids at Children’s Hospital!